I have been cleaning the house and moving my studio -again! So I am re blogging my daughter Kate’s adventures in Japan with her host sibling Ayumi, who lived with us for a year in Brooklyn. I hope you enjoy it!

Mezurashii Dumbo

On my last day with Ayumi, we headed to Nara. I slept the whole way on the train, but when we arrived it was a beautiful sunny day. Ayumi’s mom is the sweetest, and put us up in a ryokan for the night, so we headed over to drop off our stuff.

That’s when Ayumi told me we were going to be renting bikes for the day. I was instantly terrified — I’m not the most…. athletic person in the world, nor do I have very good balance, so the idea of biking around was quite daunting. Luckily though, Ayumi ignored my reservations and promised it would be fine. She was totally right, as usual.



After getting our bikes we headed towards the park. Nara is famous for the wild deer that live everywhere in the city, and I was not disappointed. We bought shika crackers and fed the…

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  1. evaginnell says:

    What a great experience – living in Japan. Such a different and interesting place. I would love to even just go visit! Good luck to your daughter, seems like she’s having a good time.

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