bundles of joy

Yes that’s what they are!

Bundled up flowers and leaves hibiscus – purple & red, dahlia, Japanese Maple, cosmos, coreopsis, sunflower and small flower petals from petunia-purple and marigolds -orange and yellow.

I mordanted the silk first this time-in alum, placed  the flowers on the mordanted silk and sprayed with a vinegar/ water solution then bundled them in ash tree branches. Sorry I don’t have exact measurements for my solutions, because I didn’t record anything and didn’t really follow any recipes. But you can find exact recipes  all over on the interwebs.bundles
after soaking in osage orange bark overnight.chiffonunwrapping in the early morningsilkcrepeon the left – dipped in indigo First! the one on the right is from one of the bundles pictured. Love both of these- silk crepe with a flat hem.
paperplaying with heavy paper too. I really like the way these came out and I want to make little books of some kind. Always amazed by nature. You can see that the Japanese maple looks very different depending on which side of the leaf is touching the paper. I guess one side absorbs and the other releases nutrients and whatevers. So much to learn! The flower on the right is cosmos.

Have a wonderful creative day! xoxo, MarjiesunflowerHopi sunflower purple seeds for dyeing.

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